How to choose a panoramic painting for your bedroom?

Comment choisir un peint panoramique pour sa chambre ?

Panoramic Wallpaper: A Visual Odyssey for Bedroom.

In the world of interior design, panoramic wallpaper is establishing itself as a key trend, transforming rooms into true works of art. This article explores how to incorporate this type of wallpaper to create a unique and personal atmosphere in your breakout space.

What is Panoramic Wallpaper?

Panoramic wallpaper is a wall mural that unfolds on one or more walls of a room, offering a spectacular overall view. Inspired by landscapes, historical scenes or even abstract patterns, it creates an illusion of depth and escape, making each awakening a renewed experience.

Why Choose Panoramic Wallpaper for your Bedroom?

• Create a Unique Atmosphere: Each panoramic wallpaper is an invitation to travel. Whether you want to escape to a lush jungle, get lost in a distant city, or immerse yourself in an abstract painting, there are vistas for every imagination.
• Change the Perception of Space: The patterns and perspectives of panoramic wallpapers can make a room larger, brighter or cozier, depending on the design chosen.
• Personalization: With a multitude of themes and styles, panoramic wallpaper offers unparalleled freedom of customization, allowing everyone to reflect their personality and tastes.

How to Choose the Right Panoramic Wallpaper?

• Consider the Available Space: An entire wall dedicated to a landscape can visually expand the room, while a dense, intricate pattern can shrink it. Think about the desired effect.
• Theme and Colors: Select a theme that soothes or inspires you. Colors should complement your furniture and the overall palette of your room.
• Wallpaper Quality: Opt for materials that are durable and easy to maintain, especially if your room is exposed to sunlight or humidity.

Integration into the Decoration of the Room

• Furniture and Accessories: Choose furniture and accessories that complement your wallpaper without overwhelming it. Minimalist rooms work well with a scenic accent wall.
• Lighting: Lighting plays a crucial role in making your wallpaper stand out. Soft, indirect lighting accentuates details without creating distracting reflections.
• Thematic Coherence: Make sure the chosen theme fits with the rest of your decoration. A panoramic wallpaper can become the focal point of the room, but it must harmonize with the whole.

Inspiring Examples

Imagine a bedroom where the wall behind the bed is adorned with a snowy mountain landscape, bringing a feeling of freshness and calm.

Or, a rainforest scene that injects vibrant energy with its lush greens and exotic patterns.

jungle wallpaper in a bedroom


Panoramic bedroom wallpaper is more than just a trend; it’s an expression of personality and a way to radically transform a space. By following these tips, you can create a bedroom that not only reflects your identity but also becomes a daily source of inspiration and well-being.