Environmental policy

Our Commitment to the Environment

Let's shape the ecological future together

As a company proudly anchored in France, Illulart places respect for the environment at the heart of its values. Our mission is to combine innovation and ecological responsibility, ensuring that our products and our daily operations are in harmony with our planet.

Our Eco-responsible Commitments

Environmental Respect of our Products

Our panoramic wallpapers illustrate our commitment to a healthy habitat and a preserved environment. They meet high environmental quality standards, with an A+ classification for emissions of volatile substances. Our products are distinguished by their respectful composition:

  • Free from PVC and solvents.
  • Free from heavy metals.
  • Use of water-based inks.
  • Fully recyclable.

We select our raw materials carefully, favoring sources from sustainably managed and FSC-certified forests.

Responsible Production

Aware of the environmental impact of wallpaper production, we take concrete measures to minimize our ecological footprint:

  • On-demand printing to reduce material waste.
  • Location of our workshops in France, thus reducing emissions linked to long-distance transport.
  • Exclusive collaboration with Imprim'vert certified printing workshops.
  • Choice of fully recyclable wallpaper and packaging.

At Illulart, every action counts in our quest for a greener and more sustainable future. We invite our customers to join us in this eco-responsible approach, for a better world.